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  • What is AC power?

    As you read the TESUP turbine descriptions you may notice that TESUP’s turbines all produce AC power, but what does that mean? AC DC AC power stands for Alternating Current power, this is opposed to DC power or Direct Current. Direct Current is the more simple form of power: A constant voltage signal which is the result of electrons in a wire moving one after another. DC power is preferable for use in household electronics as it provides more consistent power to the device. This is why most of your devices will have a DC power converter from the socket at the wall. AC power AC power is the type of power transmission used by national grids and electricity suppliers. It is the signal generated by electrons moving backwards and forwards in a wire. The signal itself consists of a simple sine wave, where the voltage cycles between positive and negative. Depending on how many phases of sine waves are used, the signal will be a combination of overlapping sine waves. Generally the more different phases a signal has, the more stable the voltage of the signal. TESUP turbine generators use 3-phase generators (just like the larger scale generators you might see in a large power plant), this is the best way to generate electricity from a rotating motion, the sort of motion you get from a wind turbine. (If you are curious about 3-phase generators TESUP has another post about these!) This means the electricity they generate is 3-phase AC power. Due to the variability in wind conditions and therefore rotation speed of the generator, the AC power generated under real conditions is not a stable set of sine waves but rather sine-like waves which vary in amplitude and frequency. The 3-phase AC is output from the turbine in 3 separate wires, these wires attach to the charge controller which uses an AC to DC conversion circuit to convert the input AC power to DC power (surprisingly enough). This makes the power suitable for use in charging batteries. If you also choose to have an inverter in your system, this device converts the power back from DC to AC to match the power type used in national grids. In this state, you can sell energy generated by your turbine to the grid! #windturbine#acpower#renewableenergy#energy#renewable#windpower#cleanenergy #Atlas.0#electricgenerator#betterfuture#electricalpower#windenergy#wind#cleanenvironment#electricity

  • Magnum 5 Profitability!

    Have you been eyeing up one of TESUP's new Magnum 5 turbines, but unsure whether it is worth buying for you? Well TESUP has some helpful information for you! A detailed profitability analysis of the Magnum 5 over time has just been released on the TESUP Official Youtube channel. This video gives an indication of how much money your Magnum 5 turbine might produce over its lifespan. The analysis is based on electricity selling prices in Germany (€50/kWh) and is based on a constant 15m/s wind speed. So do make sure to consider that the actual generation may be lower based on your area’s electricity prices and wind speeds! You can use this video to estimate a payback period for your turbine, after which you will be making a healthy passive income from your turbine. Have a watch of the video below and see what you think!

  • Cop26 and the climate crisis

    With the UN Climate Change Conference just around the corner and delegates from countries around the world converging on Glasgow, there is more attention than ever on tackling global environmental issues. A number of talks, speeches and articles are being released in the lead up to the big event. Highlight speakers included: Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, talking about her country’s climate policy and transition to green energy; and Dan Jørgensen, Denmark’s climate minister who discussed his country revoking all fossil fuel extraction licences in the North sea around Denmark. An excellent step forward! Both lectures are definitely worth a watch. A number of climate, travel and environmental experts also stepped forward to highlight the importance of transitioning away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy. They advocated for increased investment in wind and solar power to ensure a clean and healthy future for the world. They also encouraged the use of natural solutions to protect the climate. Natural ecosystems like the ocean have great potential for carbon storage, provided they are maintained well and looked after. Encouraging biodiversity and reducing pollution levels in natural systems has to be part of a healthy transition to a greener planet! Finally, the UN released a video of a surprise speaker in the UN conference hall. This speaker made some excellent points about fossil fuel spending, reducing pollution and preventing a worldwide extinction event. It is well worth a watch! Oh and by the way, the speaker was a dinosaur. We look forward to the COP26 conference and hope some meaningful changes are made! #COP26 #DontChooseExtinction #tesup #windpower #economy #investors #renewable #renewableenergy #greenenergy #savetheplanet

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  • Investor Relations | TESUP Ireland

    About TESUP IE ​ TESUP manufactures wind turbines and flexible solar panels. ​ We deliver goods to your doorstep with DHL or UPS. Easy to install, QR Code to watch the installation video is on the box. The headquarters are in Germany, United States and United Kingdom; we have got various factories, workshops, local warehouses and offices. We are operating in 26 countries with local warehouses, offices and employees. TESUP IE was established in 2018 but our renewable energy experience and knowledge dating back to 1974. We have been involved in various hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants with experience 1000+ MW total installed capacity. ​ Mission ​ The world was built on non-renewable energy but it’s time to make the switch to renewable energy, and fast. That can be hard to do when most renewable energy technologies are expensive, but just like a chameleon, the change can be easy with TESUP. We provide affordable, innovative, high-quality, clean energy technologies that can be available to everyone: Homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits and government organisations. ​ ​ Vision ​ Clean energy should not be a hardship, it should be a lifestyle. Our aim is to see TESUP wind turbines and flexible solar panels operational on every single home in Ireland to generate its own electricity for electric cars and household needs. ​ We keep on growing. The number of sales invoices that have been made in the last 12 months is over 5500 despite the pandemic. We are working hard to list TESUP in the preferred London and New York Stock Exchange Markets before 2025. Nadiia Tsymbal - Investor Relations Manager

  • | TESUP IE

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