TESUP MAGNUM 5 Household Wind Turbine (Made in Europe)


Why TESUP MAGNUM 5 Household Wind Turbine?

  • Generate your own renewable energy at your home
  • World’s best 5 KW wind turbine ever built, best winning on compare
  • Strong like a rock, corrosion resistant superior carbon fiber
  • All parts are environmentally friendly, biodegradable


TESUP MAGNUM 5 is a five kilowatts horizontal axis wind turbine. With its compact shape, it has the lowest starting wind speed and a larger wind catchment area, enabling it to generate electricity at lower wind speeds. Its superior carbon fiber body is perfect for heating and the cooling effect of stator. This household wind turbine has got quieter wind turbine blades with an improved re-engineered design. TESUP has vast experience in fabrication of high technology energy products; wind turbine blades are durable and st