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The TESUP 230W waterproof flexible solar panel is perfect for powering various electric appliances and charging batteries or inverters. It is lightweight, flexible, strong, and durable. Designed and manufactured by TESUP, the world's leading household wind turbine and flexible solar panel manufacturer, the TESUP 230W Flexible Solar Panel is available locally in over 30 other countries.


Product Features:

Our high-tech flexible solar panel is now supported by an additional aluminum layer, providing enhanced smoothness and flexibility for easy installation on any surface. Key features include:

  • 230 Watts power generation / m2

  • Flexible and incredibly lightweight: only 5.7kg with a thickness of 1.49mm

  • Super strong and durable: You can even walk on it!

  • Can easily adapt to the shape of any surface, making it ideal for building walls, curved roofs, boats, caravans, and motorhomes.

  • Available in 4 stylish colour options: Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Khaki Green and Polar White.

  • Easy installation using double-sided tape on the back

  • High resistance to saltwater (sea water),thanks to its sealed waterproof design.

  • Super efficient surface that reduces light reflection and improves performance in low light and cloudy conditions. 

  • With the innovative use of aluminum, these panels are now even smoother and more flexible, making them incredibly easy to work with.

  • Backed by a 2-Year TESUP Care Product Warranty


This product is compatible with connection to the electrical board at various output power settings. However, it may only be connected to a power socket after the necessary adjustments in accordance with country-specific regulations have been made.

TESUP 230W Flexible Solar Panel

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