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Meet the new TESUP ATLAS 7, the World’s most preferred wind turbine! It’s more powerful, durable, ergonomic and stylish than ever. With its new generator, it can generate up to 7 kWh of electricity per hour.* It’s designed and manufactured by TESUP, World’s leading household wind turbine and solar panel manufacturer. TESUP operates locally in 30 countries.


Product Features:

Our most efficient vertical wind turbine with the lowest starting wind speed, increased power, and enhanced design:

  • Standalone 7 kW power generation, capable of meeting daily household electric needs.*

  • Newly enhanced body for a more modern look and better protection from external factors.

  • New stainless steel fasteners for better durability.

  • Improved grip between the rotor shaft and blade shaft.

  • Rotation starts at 4 m/s wind speed. Upon rotation, power is generated at even 3 m/s wind speed.

  • Large wind catchment area. Captures wind from any direction, a popular choice for urban environments.

  • Can also be combined with TESUP Flexible Solar Panels.

  • Small size, low vibration, and low noise thanks to its re-engineered design.

  • Very durable yet lightweight.

  • A wax film protects the wind turbine from weather damage.

  • Easy and quick installation, approximately 30 minutes.

  • 2-Years TESUP Care Product Warranty.


*Our wind turbines must be installed following their user manual which can be found in “The Book by TESUP” and operate under ideal weather conditions to reach their maximum power generation.


This product is compatible with connection to the electrical board at various output power settings. However, it may only be connected to a power socket after the necessary adjustments in accordance with country-specific regulations have been made.

ATLAS 7 KW Vertical Wind Turbine

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  • The Book By Tesup


    The most enhanced technology: Connect your TESUP product to a power socket (or electrical board) through a home inverter for green energy. Simplicity at its best.

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