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Unprecedented reach of 11094 MW average generated in wind energy

Recently, Brazil reached another record in renewable energy. On July 21, the National Electric System Operator (ONS) identified the unprecedented reach of 11094 MW average generated in wind energy, a value capable of meeting almost all the demand in the Northeast region. But the record doesn't stop there: on July 19, the instantaneous generation of solar energy reached 2211MW, which is enough to meet 20% of the region's demand.

Recent data reinforce the trend and the capacity for generating renewables not only in the Northeast region, but also throughout the country.

According to Domingos Andreatta, Deputy Secretary for Electric Energy at the MME, more than 3400MW have already entered into operation in 2021, coming from various energy sources. Of the total, 48% corresponded to solar energy, and contributes to the current Brazilian panorama of 85% clean sources in the electricity matrix. Also according to Domingos, the country is an example to the world and is continually working to increase the percentage of renewables, increasingly diversifying energy sources.

Currently, wind energy represents 10.7% of the electrical matrix, and is expected to reach 11.2% by the end of 2021, while solar energy accounts for 1.9%, but shows a capacity to reach 2.6% until the end of the year.

Despite the small percentage, photovoltaic solar energy grew 66% in 2020 alone, and it is expected that, over the next 10 years, investments in excess of 100 billion raise will be applied, which will represent almost a third of the total investment expected for the period. The growth potential is due not only to the country's generation conditions, but also to the incentives that have been provided by the government to eliminate some equipment import taxes.

And you? Are you looking forward to a 100% renewable electrical matrix?


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