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There is no Planet B! If we don't start now, then when?

Many people still think about climate change as something distant, natural or too big to imagine. Emission, CO2, net carbon, anthropogenic are not the words to start the morning. This prevents us from caring about the biggest threat to our planet. How to feel the need of starting it right now?

  • First step is to use simple language

Climate = extreme whether

Warming = overheating

Clean energy = cheap energy

  • Second step is to understand that it touches you personally

Local flooding is more important than global warming. Tea lovers, take note! The tea will loose its richness of flavour as the result of global temperature rise intensifies. Parents. Keep the world safe, healthy and vibrant for the kids. As you see everyone has a reason to care.

Extreme wheather is your personal concern because its going to hurt the people and things you love.

  • Third. Imagine a thick blanket of carbon pollution surrounding the Earth, dangerously warming the planet.

Right now, the world is warming up to 100 times faster than it has previously. That’s because we have burned billions of tons of coal, oil and natural gas, which release carbon pollution into the air that traps the sun’s heat. Our pollution stays in the atmosphere like a blanket. Let's wake up from sleep together and throw this blanket off! Let's save the world together from overheating before it becomes irreversible. There is one Earth, we need to work together to save it.




It’s not too late to prevent the worst case scenarios. But to do so, we must stop polluting, and that means moving from fossil fuels to the clean, renewable energy sources of the 21st century. As a society, we already have the technology to build a clean economy that creates millions of jobs and a stable world. Why don't we start from our own environment, from our home? TESUP is by your side with the latest technology products for this change!

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