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The Most Productive Summer Solstice with TESUP

We learned a good many of topics at school but did not know how they would be useful for our lives. How about learning that one of them means a lot in real life, the Summer Solstice?

What is the Summer Solstice?

Summer Solstice or Midsummer occurs on June 21st when the Earth reaches its maximum tilt towards the Sun. It is considered as the beginning of summer Northern Hemisphere of the world. What a great way to greet sunny days!

You must have said in which case we might need this information. That's exactly what TESUP is here to answer!

The Longer Daylight, the More Energy

We all are aware of the benefits of sunlight for humans and nature, yet sunlight offers us more than that. Now is the right time to benefit from sunlight as renewable energy.

Did you know that you can generate up to 210Wx12hr= 2520wh energy with TESUP Flexible Solar Panels on this day when the sunlight is the longest and afterwards, too? Even you can generate more energy, if you go further in the North, like Norway. Luckily, some amazing things are not limited to one day, the efficiency you can get from solar energy and the energy you can generate are among them.

Here you have our friendly suggestion to add your to-do-list for the Summer Solstice; besides spending a great day in your garden with your family, you can also generate energy for your home and electric vehicles with no hassle.

All you need is a TESUP Flexible Solar Panel, it does the rest, and you can enjoy the day after applying your sunscreen.

Let’s start producing your own energy in these sunny days!

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