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TESUP Wind Turbines in Mount Athos, UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Nestled on a remote Greek island, Mount Athos is one of the most unique places on earth. Home to around 20 monasteries, the island is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre that has preserved its religious traditions and agrarian architecture. It has been an Orthodox spiritual center since 1054, and for centuries, women and children have been forbidden from visiting, ensuring the island's unique way of life remains preserved.

TESUP's wind turbines are providing renewable energy solutions in such an unique and remote location, demonstrating that sustainable energy is not only possible but necessary for the future of our planet. We are proud to have our wind turbines operating in such a historically significant location.

The peninsula of Mount Athos has been designated as an autonomous monastic republic since the Byzantine era and has remained a center of Orthodox Christianity throughout the centuries. As a result, the island has preserved its traditional way of life and is home to some of the oldest and most unique monasteries in the world.