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How to connect a TESUP turbine to the grid

A common question asked by TESUP customers is how to properly set up a TESUP turbine. This blog post and the video attached should help to clarify the order in which you connect your wind turbine to the grid. If you are not comfortable with setting up electrical connections, you may want to consult a professional electrician.

This process involves 3 main components: a wind turbine, a charge controller and a power inverter.

First of all, connect 3 wires to the wind turbine, one for each phase of your generated power.

Connect each of these wires to the charge controller in the order shown in the video, tightening them in place with the screws present in the shell of the charge controller.

The charge controller regulates the speed of your turbine, ensuring that electrical connections attached to the turbine are not overloaded and damaged. It also converts the AC output of the turbine into DC power.

Connect the two wires shown in the video on the other side of the charge controller using the same method. These wires feed the current through to the inverter.

At the other end of the wires, attach the wire adaptors to the heads of the wire as shown in the video and connect the adaptors to the inverter.

Attach an adaptor to the 3 phase wire at one end, ensuring the wire heads are well secured. Plug the adaptor into the output of the inverter. The other end of the wire should be connected to your house electrical board. For this step we recommend hiring an electrician, for them it is a simple task which can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Alternatively TESUP will soon be releasing a video on the process. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for not to miss it!

The inverter converts the DC power input back into 3 phase power, which is the same type of power used by the grid.

The power can then be sold to the grid!

Choose now Your clean future with TESUP Wind Turbines!


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