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Have you met Emre?

Are you excited to dive into Part 3 of our captivating series, "Welcome the Team"? Prepare to be intrigued as we introduce you to the remarkable members of our TESUP team. We believe in unveiling the behind-the-scenes magic, and this month, we shine the spotlight on Emre, our esteemed R&D Director at TESUP!

Emre is the brilliant mind responsible for driving the technical advancement and innovation of our renewable products, including household wind turbines, flexible solar panels, and various other renewable energy solutions. Since joining us in 2019, Emre has left a profound impact on our products and services. But he's no ordinary R&D Director—Emre has donned multiple hats and has worked across different departments within TESUP, encompassing logistics and after-sales support. When reflecting on his career growth at TESUP, Emre shared, "I have had the opportunity to work in different departments, which has given me a broader perspective on how the company operates. It has also allowed me to understand our products and services better."

What sets TESUP apart, for Emre, is the culture that fosters innovation and embraces dynamic ideas. "I love that we are not afraid to push boundaries and think outside the box. It is what makes us stand out from the competitors." he explained. Now, let's delve into a typical day in Emre's life. He begins by meticulously planning the daily workflow and identifying areas for product enhancements. Subsequently, he shares his findings with relevant teams, such as manufacturing and design, ensuring seamless collaboration. Emre maintains an unwavering focus on his tasks, assuring that they are created, monitored, and aligned with predetermined deadlines for long-term R&D projects. Naturally, he places great value on test results and after-sales feedback when determining the course of his projects.