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Have you met Carolina?

As mentioned earlier, we started “Welcome the Team Series” the previous month. We're all about pulling back the curtains and showing you the cool stuff that goes on behind the scenes! And this month’s guest is Carolina, our own superhero at TESUP.

Let’s take a moment to shine the spotlight on our incredible team member, Carolina. With her keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication to keeping our operations running smoothly, she has become an invaluable asset to our team since joining in 2022.

As a part of the Internal Control and Support (ISU) department, our superhero’s major role is to audit, support and motivate all team members, ensuring that they work efficiently and they are on top of their daily activities, especially since our company’s operations are online. With her access to almost everything, she has a comprehensive view of the entire company and ensures that all activities are on track as planned. In case of any issues, she swiftly takes the necessary measures to certify employees and address any concerns. She is also the go-to person for performance feedback, general HR questions, and suggestions for improvements or complaints from employees.

But how did she end up in the ISU department? Well, it has been quite a journey! She started in the Customer Experience Team, where she interacted with customers from all TESUP regions in