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Electricity meters and renewable energy at home

Managing energy bills can be a bit of a pain. Many people struggle to or don’t have the time to keep up with their energy bills and leave them to fall to the wayside. This can become particularly concerning for those who have renewable energy systems installed at home, selling electricity back to the grid for some extra money. Obviously people would like to monitor how much electricity they are generating and selling as well as how much profit that electricity is producing for them at any given moment. This can be tricky to track with a conventional home energy monitoring system as updates to your bill are usually only highlighted in a monthly bill. An increasing trend over the past decade has been to install smart energy meters into homes.

Electricity meters benefits

These devices allow you to see, at any given time, how much electricity your home is using. Importantly for renewable energy users this technology can also keep you up to date with information about how much renewably generated electricity your house is generating and how much this can be sold for. At the moment, given the high prices of electricity and energy we are seeing, this number can be as high as 24.7 cents per kWh in Los Angeles! This is good news