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Do you want to leave your footprint on Earth? But please not the carbon footprint!

For decades human beings have been emitting carbons every single minute. Since we care about the earth, we should be more aware of the hazard that we give to it. To heat, to transport, to use electricity, and to cook cause a carbon footprint which is not exactly the kind of footprint that we want to create. The carbon footprint is the amount of all greenhouse gases (CO2) in tons equivalent, including carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere by our activities and consumption in daily life.

There are two types of carbon footprint: direct (primary) and indirect (secondary) carbon footprint. Direct carbon footprint appears when we do something directly such as cooking and driving. On the other hand, indirect carbon footprint means the whole process of a product starting from the production to the disappearance of the good.

You can check to calculate your carbon footprint.

Why is the carbon footprint so important?

Because we are dying!