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Are Houses More Valuable Than Flats?

With the reflection of the concept of sustainability on architecture, many different terms are seen in the literature and are used interchangeably; such as sustainable building, green building, green smart homes, ecological building, energy-efficient building, zero energy building, carbon-zero building, high-performance building. The purpose of such terms and practices is to respect nature and design buildings accordingly for the survival of future generations.

In order to design wise houses, the first thing to do is to examine climatic data, and designs that do not harm the environment should be made according to these data. It has been verified that the designs made in line with these data reduce energy loss by protecting from sound insulation, heat insulation, intense wind waves and the excessive sun heat. Only in this way, it is seen that the energy loss is reduced by about 30%.

The location and orientation according to the solar orbit, the building design based on the climate, the maximum return from the local climate, the vegetation-land-la