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Frequently Asked Questions

Wind Turbines

I have got an ATLAS2.0 wind turbine which is connected to an inverter. The system is ongrid and working well but how can I improve its efficiency?

The ATLAS2.0 wind turbine is a vertical wind turbine. The wind turbine can start its rotation at 4 m/s wind speed. But once it has started rotation it can generate power even at 3 m/s wind speed. On the other hand inverters has a minimum DC startup input voltage of 35 V or 50 V. If your wind speed is not enough to generate these voltages, then the inverter will not start operating and can not transfer your wind turbine’s power to the electricity grid.

The wind turbine is not rotating, is it possible?

It is not possible. The cause of the turbine having difficulty rotating may be a short circuit in the system. This may be due to the phase wires being corroded and touching each other or due to incorrect potentiometer setting on the charge controller. If the batteries are full too, the charge controller can stop the wind turbine. And incompatible devices such as Voltronic all in one controllers can stop the wind turbine. Because these incompatible devices are not ok working with the wind turbines.

I think my wind turbine is not rotating freely, why?

TESUP wind turbines are permanent magnet generators having strong N42 neodymium magnets with steel slots inside. These wind turbines are designed for maximum power performance. When the wind speed is over 3 m/s, turbine will be rotating freely by exceeding this holding torque (cogging torque). Some of our models such as ATLAS2.0 have different mechanisms inside the body to reach higher power capacities. These mechanisms are causing additional torque at first, that's why the rotation starts at 7 m/s wind speed. Once the turbine blades once start rotation then the wind turbine can generate power even at 4 m/s wind speed.

Something is stopping my wind turbine; it was working well before. What might be the problem?

The problem might be one of the below listed issues. - If the wind turbine is connected to a battery, the charge controller stops the wind turbine once the battery is full to the adjusted maximum charging voltage level. - If two or more cables are touching each other we call it short-circuit. The short-circuit can stop the electricity flow and this might be a reason. Please control all cables and be sure they are not touching each other. - There are some cheap hybrid battery inverters in the market. There are battery inverters and solar charge controllers combined but these cheap hybrid charger inverters are acting as a solar charge controller at first. These devices can stop the wind turbines via the battery. - Limit voltage adjustment with potentiometer may be wrong. If the led lights up, it means it is braking. If the potentiometer is set incorrectly, the turbine will brake in order not to exceed the determined voltage. - The switch on Charge Controller can be in position 1.

Charge Controllers

I have setted up the charge controller’s maximum charging voltage to 12V, it was connected to a 48V battery and as a result the charge controller card burned. Is it possible to replace the electronic card?

Yes we can send you a new one, please contact us. Maximum voltage limitation should be made with the potentiometer on the charge controller. We recommend that this value should not exceed 18 V for a 12 V system, 30 V of this value for a 24 V system, and 58 V for a 48 V system. Otherwise, if the elements in the charge controller are exposed to excessive voltage, the card and screen may burn.

Voltage is not generated, is it normal?

It is not normal. All products are subjected to an intense test before shipping and test images are stored in the company's archive. Therefore, if your system is not generating voltage, it could be caused by a setup error or an adjustment error. If the batteries are full, the charge controller will stop the wind turbine. That's why please turn on some power consumption units. If the installation is correct, the limit voltage adjustment must be made with the potentiometer on the charge controller. You should turn the potentiometer until the led lamp on the potentiometer goes out. We recommend that this value should not exceed 18 V for a 12 V system, 30 V of this value for a 24 V system, and 58 V for a 48 V system.

What is the manual switch (emergency brake) on the charge controller for and in what position should it be?

The switch on the charge controller is a manual braking switch to stop the wind turbine for emergency cases. To protect the system in stormy weather, you can activate manual braking by turning this switch to "1" position. In order for the system to continue to produce energy under normal weather conditions, the pacco switch must be operated in the "0" position.

What is the potentiometer (Max. Battery Charging Voltage Adjustment) on the charge controller for?

The potentiometer on the charge controller is for setting the maximum limit voltage if the charge controller is connected to a battery. We adjust the maximum limit voltage so that it automatically brakes the system when the voltage reaches the value we set in case of increased wind speed. We recommend that this value should not exceed 18V for a 12V system, 30 V of this value for a 24 V system, and 58 V for a 48 V system.

Do the numbers on the charge controller screen indicate the voltage from the turbine?

If the charge controller is connected to the battery, the battery voltage is shown on the screen. If the charge controller is connected to an inverter, the charge controller displays the voltage from the turbine when used in INVERTER mode. But this screen is mostly designed only for battery voltage. Please do not switch to INVERTER mode when the charge controller is connected to a battery!


Can I please learn inverters' startup voltage?

Please find inverters' startup voltage details below. 2 KW Growatt Inverter's startup voltage is 50 V. 3 KW Delta WIFI Inverter's startup voltage is 35 V and keeps its operation above 30 V. 5 KW Delta WIFI Inverter's startup voltage is 30 V.